Happy! South Korean rapper Choiza is officially married today


South Korea – Choiza Dynamic Duo will be getting married today. It is known that Choiza is the ex of the late Sulli.

So, what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Choiza Officially Married Today


South Korean rapper, Choiza and his fiancé who is an office worker officially married today. Choiza has been dating his fiancé for approximately three years, and will be holding their wedding ceremony today on Sunday, July 9 KST.

It is known, Choiza first announced her upcoming marriage in February, stating, “We met naturally through an introduction from a close acquaintance. Her simple smile warmed me when I was going through hard times, and she gave me stability and comfort in my somewhat dynamic life.”

Last month, when the rapper appeared on his YouTube channel ‘Psick Show’, he also gushed about his bride, saying, “I’m happy now. I think he completes me. Before I met him, it felt like I was only half a person.”

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