Heart Blusher Tutorial, K-Beauty Makeup Trends Loved by K-Pop Idols

PeekSeleb – The world of beauty continues to experience rapid development, and the latest trend that is currently dominating the cosmetic industry is heart blusher. This trend is very popular among K-Pop idols, who have taken the entertainment world by storm with their alluring presence.

So, what is the heart blusher trend a la K-Beauty and what’s the tutorial? Come on, take a peek at the steps one by one!

Heart Blusher
Source: Elle

Heart blusher is a blush-on application technique that forms a heart pattern on the cheeks. This trend produces a funny, cute and fresh effect, making the face look younger and brighter.

The heart blusher technique involves using blush-on in bright colors like bright pink or orange. This blush is placed strategically above the cheekbones to form a heart pattern. The main goal is to create a radiant look and give the face a radiant effect.

K-Pop idols often wear heart blushers in their stage appearances to add visual interest and give off a cute and fresh look.

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