Here’s the history of International Kissing Day and how it is celebrated in various countries

PeekSeleb – International Kissing Day is a celebration dedicated to commemorating the beautiful kiss, a romantic gesture that symbolizes the love and intimacy between two people. This warning is commemorated every July 6.

Here is the History of International Kissing Day and how to celebrate it. Come on scroll!


The history of International Kissing Day has no clear origin. However, kissing itself has been a part of human culture and relationships for centuries.

The kiss has been immortalized in ancient literature, paintings, and legends depicting the emotional power and romanticism attached to it.

The concept of International Kissing Day was first proposed by the International Kissing organization, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of expressing affection through kisses.

Her goal is to inspire people to create moments of intimacy and cherish their partners in simple but meaningful ways. The celebration of International Kissing Day is an opportunity for couples to honor their relationship and show their love through physical intimacy.

Kissing is considered a powerful form of wordless communication, capable of conveying feelings, warmth, and affection deeper than words.

Celebration of International Kissing Day in Various Countries

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During International Kissing Day, people around the world celebrate it in various ways. Some couples have romantic dates, have dinner together, or send love messages to their partners.

In some places, the community also holds public events, such as longest kissing competitions, kissing demonstrations to raise funds, or art exhibitions depicting kisses in various forms.

In the United States, International Kissing Day is often celebrated with parties in public places. Some cities hold events such as kissing festivals, longest kissing competitions, or music and dance events to celebrate kissing as a form of affection and intimacy.

In France it is often considered a country famous for its romantic culture. There, International Kissing Day is known as “Journée du Baiser” or “Kissing Day”. Couples in France celebrate this day by giving kisses to their partners or sending greeting cards with pictures of kisses.

In Italy, kissing is considered an expression of love and happiness. On International Kissing Day, couples in Italy celebrate by giving kisses and spending time together. Many cities in Italy also host special events, such as street parties, art shows and concerts to celebrate the kiss as an expression of love.

South Korea has a unique tradition of celebrating International Kissing Day. Apart from giving kisses to their partners, Koreans also decorate their lips with red lipstick and kiss paper or tissue as a sign of appreciation for the people they love.

In Brazil, International Kissing Day is known as “Dia do Beijo”. On this day, couples in Brazil celebrate by giving kisses to each other. There is also a tradition in which Brazilians give kisses to friends or relatives as a sign of friendship and affection.

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