History of World Plastic Bag Free Day, Take a Peek at the Commemoration Way

PeekSeleb – July 3 is celebrated as World Plastic Bag Free Day or International Plastic Bag Free Day. This warning is very important to raise awareness of the negative impacts and disadvantages of using single-use plastic bags.

July 3 every year promotes how to live everyday life without using plastic bags. Come on, take a peek at the history of World Plastic Bag Free Day and how to celebrate it!

plastic bags
Source: Zero Waste Scotland

Quoting Firstpost and happydays365, World Plastic Bag Free Day was started in 2008 by ZWE (Zero Waste Europe) member, Rezero. A year later, ZWE launched International Plastic Bag Free Day in the European Union.

The ZWE campaign is growing over the years. ZWE was able to encourage several countries to take steps to reduce their use of single-use plastics. Due to this successful campaign, July 3rd is designated as World Plastic Bag Free Day.

How to Celebrate World Plastic Bag Free Day

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