How Blood Types A, B, AB, and O Deal with Problems

PeekSeleb – Blood type personality theory is a concept from Japan that seeks to explain personality traits through physiological factors, such as blood type. This theory classifies four blood groups namely A, B, AB, and O into the four dominant personality types.

According to the Japanese ABO blood group personality theory, blood types A, B, O, and AB are associated with personality traits. So, how do blood types deal with a problem? Quoting the NIH to Japan Today, here’s the full article!

1. Blood Type A

A blood type
Source: Freepik/flaticon

Considers everything carefully, can understand other people’s feelings easily, is kind, good at being friendly, doesn’t express himself to avoid conflict.

According to research in Japan, individuals with blood type A are often characterized as detail-oriented and perfectionist. They have a strong sense of responsibility and prefer structured methods of solving problems. Blood type A individuals tend to analyze problems carefully, consider all available information, and approach them in a systematic and methodical way.

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