How to Compare Mutton and Beef

PeekSeleb – Distinguishing between mutton and beef is important for foodies, especially in the context of cooking dishes according to preferences and nutritional needs. At the moment of Eid al-Adha or this sacrifice, you can’t miss the difference between mutton and beef.

Although both are valuable sources of animal protein, there are differences in characteristics that can help identify goats and cattle. Here are some tips for differentiating mutton and beef.

1. The color and texture of the meat

Source: Licious

One of the striking differences between mutton and beef is the color and texture. Beef tends to have a pink to dark red color, while goat meat has a slightly darker pink to red color.

In addition, goat meat has a smoother and more tender texture compared to beef which is denser and more muscular.

2. A distinctive aroma

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