How to Treat Asthma So It Doesn’t Recur, You Must Know This

PeekSeleb – How to treat asthma needs to be done in a disciplined manner. This is so that treatment can be effective and avoid recurrence.

Before discussing how to treat asthma, it’s good for us to know in advance what asthma is and what causes asthma. Here’s the full article.

Asthma and its Causes


Launching from various sources, asthma is a problem that occurs in the lungs. This disease makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe due to inflammation or narrowing of the respiratory tract.

Asthma symptoms are usually marked by tightness in the chest, coughing, especially at night, to wheezing (a whistling sound when breathing).

For information, asthma is a disease that does not look at age. Usually asthma is caused by dust, cigarette smoke, animal dander to cold air.

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