Hyosung SECRET Drakor Celebrity Player Decides to Move Agency, One Company with Kim Byung Chul


South Korea – Latest update on Hyosung, former SECRET member. Hyosung, who has been active as an actress for a long time, reportedly chose another agency to develop her career.

Reportedly, Hyosung entered the agency Alien Company. Want to know more information? Come on, check below!

Hyosung joined the agency Alien Company

Source: Alien Company

Actress and former SECRET member Hyosung joined Alien Company. On July 13, Alien Company revealed Hyosung had signed an exclusive contract with the label.

“We have become a family with Jun Hyosung, who has various charms. We are very happy with Jun Hyosung, who has unlimited potential.” said Alien Company via Entertain Naver on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

“We plan to actively support him, so that he can reach audiences through broader activities, so please look forward to the synergy we will create together in the future.” he added.

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