Hyun Young Reportedly Fooled Investment, Total Loss of IDR 3.5 Billion

South Korea – Unusual news came from an actress from South Korea, namely Hyun Young. Dispatch reports that the 46-year-old actress is one of the victims of a Ponzi scheme, namely fraudulent investment.

Hyun Young’s total loss is estimated at IDR 3.5 billion. Let’s take a peek at the full case below.

Source: Dispatches

On this day, July 11 2023, Dispatch revealed that Hyun Young was one of the many victims who were deceived by the Ponzi Scheme. The Ponzi scheme itself is a fake investment mode that pays profits to investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors.

Dispatch details B, a well-known operator of the Mom Cafe which is a forum for cheating moms of millions of members. B lies to members will get a profit of 10-29 percent within a few months by investing money.

The members call this ‘gift-tech’ short for ‘gift card technique’. B profits from the first victim for the second, and so the process repeats itself.

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