Hyunjin Stray Kids Officially Becomes Global Ambassador for Versace: Donatella Believes in Me

South Korea – Hyunjin Stray Kids has recently been active on Versace shows. Hyunjin even attended the Versace popup store in South Korea.

A few weeks after attending the event, Hyunjin Stray Kids was immediately inaugurated as Versace’s global ambassador. Here’s more information!

Hyunjin Stray Kids is officially the new face of Versace

On July 20, a representative from Versace shared reasons for naming Hyunjin as their global ambassador. This statement is also Hyunjin’s official form as Versace’s global ambassador.

“Hyunjin is a multi-talented member of the Korean boy group Stray Kids. Hyunjin is receiving a lot of attention for his unique and charming appearance as a dancer, rapper, and vocalist of Stray Kids along with his limitless artistic talents including his love for art,” said Donatella Versace as quoted from Entertain Naver on Thursday, July 20, 2023.

“I am delighted that Hyunjin is joining the Versace family. I’ve always been inspired by new voices that define global culture, and Hyunjin represents that as an icon of new energy and creativity. I admire her confidence and liberal way of expression. There’s no doubt that he’s a real Versace man.” he added.

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