In the midst of issues leaving YG Entertainment, Jennie BLACKPINK clarifies the Instagram error problem

South Korea – Recently, Jennie BLACKPINK uploaded several photos on her personal Instagram account. Before making the upload, BLACKPINK’s Jennie made a poll from fans about the pending uploads to share.

As soon as there was an Instagram error, Jennie BLACKPINK also provided clarification by sharing photos with sweet captions. Here’s more!

Photos shared by Jennie BLACKPINK

Source: Instagram/Jennie

On July 11, BLACKPINK’s Jennie posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption “This is my first time doing this.” Jennie created a poll asking fans for their opinion on whether she should post the six pending posts today or later, “Should I upload all the remaining posts at once or postpone it?”

After that, Jennie explained, “That’s not wrong. I just posted all the photos I haven’t posted yet…” and later apologized for his post on Instagram.

Earlier that day, Jennie posted photos and videos that she had never uploaded before, starting with her recent visit to an exhibition, captioned “A moment full of inspiration and happiness” And “Exploring hidden gems and inner peace.”

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