It’s rumored that her boyfriend is a 12-year-old entrepreneur, Hwasa MAMAMOO’s old story goes viral again

South Korea – There is an issue that Hwasa MAMAMOO is in a relationship with a man who works as a lawyer.

Following these rumors, Hwasa MAMAMOO’s old story a few years ago about her dating experience is back in the spotlight. So, what did Hwasa MAMAMOO reveal? Let’s take a peek together through the reviews below.

Hwasa MAMAMOO’s Dating Issue


Recently social media was shocked by the emergence of the issue that Hwasa MAMAMOO was in love with someone from a non-celebrity circle.

The man who is suspected of dating Hwasa MAMAMOO has the initials A and is 12 years older than Hwasa MAMAMOO.

Working as a businessman, Hwasa MAMAMOO and her lover are predicted to have been knitting romance for 5 years. Even so, Hwasa MAMAMOO has not provided clarification on this issue.

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