J-Hope BTS Will Release Solo Album, Save the Date!

South Korea – J-Hope BTS surprised ARMY (fandom) with the announcement that he would be releasing a new solo album version of Jack In The Box. The reason is, J-Hope is known to be carrying out his mandatory military service, however, he still provides content intake to other surprises for fans.

So, when did J-Hope BTS release the solo album? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

J-Hope BTS Releases Album

J-Hope from BTS presents a special gift to fans with a new version of his first solo album ‘Jack In The Box’ which was released last year.

Big Hit Music announced on July 17 via the Weverse platform that J-Hope’s solo album ‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ will be released on August 18. ‘Jack In The Box’ is J-Hope’s first solo album which was released simultaneously worldwide on July 15 last year.

The solo album ‘Jack In The Box’ is a collection of J-Hope’s unique attempts and challenges. In particular, it is considered as a new effort to release as ‘Weverse album’ which downloads albums and listens to songs through applications other than domestic and foreign music platforms.

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