Jennie BLACKPINK’s Stage Appearance Criticized Again, Called the Most Passionate If There Are Close Friends


South Korea – Viral again the controversy over the BLACKPINK Jennie stage. This time, one of the netizens uploaded it to the online community by comparing Jennie’s appearance when she was attended by her close friends and those who were not.

What’s it like in full? Come on, check out the reviews through the following article!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is the subject of blasphemy in the online community

Source: Pan

On the online community, there are many Korean netizens who share their thoughts on BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s stage performance.

“Jennie only appears enthusiastically when her famous friends watch and have a larger audience. There have been many incidents lately where Jennie has not appeared on stage. She said she was sick,” netizens wrote in the Pann online community.

On Pann, the article became a hot topic with nearly 60,000 views on the afternoon of July 21. The netizen even included a photo as proof that Jennie was only excited when her friend came to watch her show.

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