JTBC Opens Voice About the Burning NMIXX Stage Incident Until Members Get Hit by Drones

South Korea – Yesterday, it was reported that the NMIXX event for JTBC music show K-909 had an accident. Netizens said that the girl group members were hit by drones, the stage caught fire until the audience fainted.

Finally, JTBC opened their voices about this unpleasant incident. Let’s take a peek at the official statement.

JTBC’s Official Statement Regarding the NMIXX Stage Incident


Photo : Twitter.com/nmixx_official

JTBC confirmed that there was an incident on the NMIXX stage like what was reported by netizens yesterday. His party said that when the stage set caught fire, all the crew immediately evacuated the artist from the stage and immediately extinguished the fire.

“When there was a fire on the stage set, we immediately evacuated the artist from the stage and extinguished the fire using a fire extinguisher. After that, we ventilated and rearranged the area and checked to see if any of the audience members were in a bad condition and wanted to. Since there was no such request and the artists were also fine, we continued recording as planned and finished without any issues.” said JTBC, reported from Naver on July 11, 2023.

It also claimed that no spectators were injured. JTBC said they had asked and told them to go home if there were viewers who felt uncomfortable.

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