Juice Lyrics – SHINee, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – On June 26, SHINee released their 8th mini album titled HARD. The mini album featured nine songs in which Juice served as the b-side.

So, what are the lyrics of the song like? Come on, check it out in full below!

Lyrics of Romanization Hangul Song Juice – SHINee

At the top naeryeobwatji
Yeah I call victory
Neomanui Style So unique
Mae riverani binna
Yes, Yes, Yes
Ne ane hwimorachin
Yes, Yes, Yes
Geu anui pokpungeul bwa

Keojyeobeorin i gamjeongeun mwoya
(Igeon mwoya)
Sokdoreul gamdanghal su eopseo
(Gamdanghal su eopseo)
Nae salui ki
Umkyeojwin geu sarami
Neoraneun geol
Kkaedareun sunganiran geol

Mae sungan mod lugain neol
Eotteoke wonchi ana
Dabeul haejwo mareul haejwo
Baby I hear you talking
Tell me what to do

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