JUMP! Lyrics – MIRAE with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – MIRAE started full music broadcasting activities with new song titled JUMP! from the 5th mini album Boys will be Boys. Their work was last July 19, 2023 on various music sites.

JUMP! is a combination of elements of the genres of pop, new jack swing, and alternative rock. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of the song JUMP! courtesy of MIRAE with Indonesian translation

JUMP! Lyrics – MIRAE with Romanization Hangul

Ah-ah (Yeah)
Hurry, hurry, hurry

Baby, I’m curious
Ballcheoreom tweo oreun mam

Giminhan sinho
I neukkimeul ttaraga

I can’t control it anymore
Like a rebound
Jeo kkeutkkaji nopi nara
Japil deuthan haneul wiro, dunk, dunk, dunk

Yeah, ppalajineun play (Play)
Neol uisikana bwa (eojjeona)
Jikyeobwa, hey
Jogeumssik nal araga

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