Junho 2PM’s Estimated Pay Per Episode of Drama King the Land, Daebak!

South Korea – Recently it was revealed that 2PM Junho’s approximate fee for one episode of his action in the drama King the Land.

As is well known, King the Land has now become one of the most discussed Korean dramas on social media until it managed to score a double-digit rating in the middle of its episode.

Gaining success thanks to his acting, then how much honor did Junho 2PM receive in the drama King the Land? Let’s take a peek together!

2PM Junho’s Estimated Pay


Photo: JTBC

Junho started his career in the entertainment industry as a member of the group 2PM under the tutelage of the JYP Entertainment agency.

Now, Junho 2PM is transforming into an actor whose name is gaining great popularity because of his action in the drama The Red Sleeve in 2023.

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