Just debuted, BOYNEXTDOOR Announces Comeback Soon

South Korea – After just a few months of debut, BOYNEXTDOOR is back with a single comeback. This also reaped a lot of attention and made the fans impatient.

So when will the BOYNEXTDOOR group come back? Come on, take a peek at this group’s comeback schedule!


According to media outlet OSEN, K-pop idol group BOYNEXTDOOR is confirmed for a comeback in September. This will be their first comeback in four months since debut releasing their first single titled ‘WHO!’.

This led HYBE and KOZ Entertainment to launch this group in hopes of taking a step in the music industry with the aspiration to express their style casually through honest and pleasant music.

On the other hand, BOYNEXTDOOR will perform at the INSPIRE TOKYO 2023 Festival on July 17.

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