Just debuted, ZEROBASEONE immediately became a model for skincare brands

South Korea – The achievements of the rookie group ZEROBASEONE have been seen at the beginning of the group’s debut. The popularity of the members even made the brand own the group.

Most recently, boyband ZEROBASEONE was lined up to be a model for a skincare brand. Let’s take a peek in full below.

ZEROBASEONE lined up to be a Skincare Brand Model

On this day, July 12 2023, the Bring Green brand has just launched a new product in the form of a serum. At the same time, the brand also introduced 9 ZB1 members as their product models.

The campaign photo for their ad has also just been uploaded. You can see Zhang Hao ZB1, Sung Hangbin ZB1, and Hah Yujin ZB1 modeling the product ‘Zinc Teca Blemish Serum’.

While Park Gunwook ZB1, Seok Matthew ZB1, and Kim Taerae ZB1 became models for the Toning Vita Brightening Serum product. Then, finally, Ricky ZB1, Kim Jiwoong ZB1 and Kim Gyuvin ZB1 became models for the product ‘Hyal Jet Plumping Serum’.

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