Kang Ji Young Joins in Celebrating the Debut Day of the Late Goo Hara, The Contents of His Writing Makes You Cry


South Korea – Kang Ji Young recently reminded fans of the late Goo Hara. The reason is, Kang Ji Young celebrated her birthday as well as the debut of the late Goo Hara.

Here’s Kang Ji Young’s message to the late Goo Hara. Want to know the details? Come on, check below!

Kang Ji Young’s message on her birthday and Goo Hara’s debut

Jang Ki Young
Source: [email protected]

On July 24, Kang Ji Young celebrated her birthday and the late Goo Hara’s debut day. Kang Ji Young wrote sweet sentences when commemorating the anniversary of her and her close friend, Goo Hara.

“Congratulations. I love you. 20080724. Today is the 15th anniversary of Hara and I’s debut! And it’s Seungyeon unnie’s birthday,” said Kang Ji Young, who made fans remember their moments together with the late Goo Hara.

“He debuted at 15 years old, and half of my life has passed. I was a child who did not know anything, but now the number of front seats has changed twice,” he added.

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