Kediri Charcoal Fried Rice Recipe, Has a Unique Taste and Makes You Addictive

Kediri – Fried rice is a popular dish in Indonesia with many variations and flavors. One interesting variation is the Kediri charcoal fried rice. In this article, we will discuss the Kediri charcoal fried rice recipe which has a distinctive taste and a unique touch of charcoal.

So, what is the recipe for this charcoal fried rice like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

The Origin of Kediri Charcoal Fried Rice

Charcoal fried rice

Kediri charcoal fried rice originates from Kediri, a city in East Java, Indonesia. This dish is inspired by the process of cooking rice using charcoal as a heat source. This tradition originates from ancient times when the people of Kediri used charcoal stoves to cook rice, giving it a distinctive aroma and taste. In its development, this concept was adapted in the manufacture of fried rice, creating charcoal fried rice which has a unique and interesting taste.

Kediri charcoal fried rice is a delicious and unique dish with a touch of charcoal which gives it a distinctive aroma and taste. With a simple recipe, you can try to make it yourself at home and enjoy the delicacy with your family and friends.

Ingredients and How to Make Kediri Charcoal Fried Rice

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