Kim Bum Will Hold ‘Between U and Me’ Fan Meeting, Indonesia Included!

South Korea – South Korean actor, Kim Bum is reported to be holding an Asian fan meeting titled Between U and Me. This fan meeting aims to give back support global fans who have supported the actor.

Kim Bum’s fan meeting will start from Tokyo on August 25, 2023. So is Indonesia one of the countries he will visit? Come on, check below.

Kim Bum Will Hold Asia Fan Meeting

Kim bum

Launching from JTBC on July 7 2023, King Kong by Starship as Kim Bum’s agency said that the actor would hold an Asian fan meeting entitled Between U and Me.

“Kim Bum will be holding an Asia fanmeeting ‘Between U and Me’ starting on August 25 in Tokyo, Japan,” said King Kong by Starship reported by IntipSeleb from JTBC on July 7, 2023.

The agency also continued that this fan meeting was aimed at revenge support global fans who have supported Kim Bum.

“This fan meeting is a place prepared to repay global fans who have sent lots of love so far, so please look forward to it and show interest,” close King Kong by Starship.

In the published poster, Kim Bum attracts attention when exuding perfect visuals in a bright mood. In particular, you can feel his affection for fans through his lovely eyes looking at the camera.

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