Kim Byung Chul Has a Special Call to Uhm Jung Hwa at the ‘Doctor Cha’ Filming Location

South Korea – Kim Byung Chul apparently had a special nickname for Uhm Jung Hwa when on the set of the Korean drama Doctor Cha.

Through the drama Doctor Cha, Kim Byung Chul and Uhm Jung Hwa received a lot of positive responses from the audience because of their chemistry as a husband and wife. Here’s more through the review below.

Kim Byung Chul Calls Uhm Jung Hwa at the Doctor Cha Drama Set

Doctor Cha

The names Kim Byung Chul and Uhm Jung Hwa have become a hot topic of conversation because of their acting in the drama Doctor Cha.

Kim Byung Chul successfully stirred the emotions of the audience through his role as Seo In Ho, the husband who had an affair with his girlfriend in college.

Recently, Kim Byung Chul and Uhm Jung Hwa appeared on the JTBC Dangpo program. At that moment, Kim Byung Chul leaked his special call to Uhm Jung Hwa while on set.

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