Kim Woo Bin to DO EXO was caught up in shooting the Na PD variety show


South Korea – Kim Woo Bin to DO EXO has received a lot of attention from netizens. The reason is, the two actors are in the middle of being together.

Investigate a calibaration, tvN officials also revealed that the two of them were excited about variety shows together. Like what? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Kim Woo Bin to DO Filming Together

On this day, July 5, 2023, social media posts spread that Kim Woo Bin and Do Kyung Soo were filming together outdoors. According to an entertainment official, Kim Woo Bin and Do Kyungsoo (DO) are currently filming a variety show with PD Na Young-seok.

In this regard, a tvN official told Joy News 24 on the same day that they “confirm”. An entertainment official said, “Kim Woobin, Lee Kwangsoo, EXO’s DO and Kim Kibang are currently filming Na PD’s new variety show in Gangwon-do.”

Previously, they went to Gangwon-do after filming in Seoul. The specific concept of the show is unknown, but the broadcasting world has taken note of the news that usually close friends will appear together on an entertainment program.

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