Known for having a high appetite, Knetz debates Mingyu SEVENTEEN’s portion sizes

South Korea – Recently, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu shared the menu on his dining table. This has succeeded in attracting the attention of Korean netizens considering that Mingyu has a high appetite.

Netizens debate in the online community is more towards whether SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is able to eat all the menus available on his table. Check out the full article!

Netizen comments regarding Mingyu SEVENTEEN’s food menu

Source: Instagram/Mingyu

Mingyu showed off several food menus on his table. The food menu that Mingyu showcased was buckwheat noodles, fried foods, pork chop, and curry. The food seemed to be quite generous for one person’s dinner.

In contrast to typical food with side dishes accompanying the main course, only the main menu is stacked so that netizens are entertained. Upon seeing this, netizens had mixed reactions as to whether they could eat all that food alone.

“I can eat it myself,” netizens said.
“My stomach may be full, but it’s not impossible to finish it,” more further.
“Men can spend this much food,” concluded another.
“Anyone with Mingyu’s height and stature can handle it,” netizens said.

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