LE SSERAFIM Do Dance Challenge With HYBE Staff Who Are Working, Knetz Gives Spicy Criticism

South Korea – In the last few months, KPop has been increasingly participating in dance challenges on social media as a form of promotion for their new song. Most recently, LE SSERAFIM joined in on the promotion trend.

Unfortunately, Korean netizens did not give a positive response and instead regretted their attitude. Here’s more!

LE SSERAFIM dance video with staff

Recently, LE SSERAFIM uploaded the latest video by doing a dance challenge for the song Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife. Unlike previous collaborations with fellow idols which received positive responses, this LE SSERAFIM video actually sparked various negative opinions.

In particular, the video shows LE SSERAFIM dancing to the song in the middle of HYBE’s office, followed by office workers also dancing together. The content itself seems harmless, but in the end it makes netizens uncomfortable.

In particular, some netizens couldn’t help but notice that many employees were lifelessly performing their dance moves while showing unenthusiastic expressions, as if forced to participate in the video. In addition, they claimed that the seriousness of the office environment did not match LE SSERAFIM’s promotion of music and dance, causing discomfort.

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