Lee Byung Hun Reportedly Purchased a New Building Worth IDR 281 Billion, Near Seoul’s Oksu Station

South Korea – Recently, Lee Byung Hun’s wealth was again reported by the Korean media. This time, Lee Byung Hun bought the building near Oksu Station at 23.99 billion won.

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Lee Byung Hun’s new building


Photo: Naver

According to Hankyung’s report on July 24, Project B purchased a building near Oksu Station in Oksu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul in August 2022 for 23.99 billion won (Rp 281 billion). The purchase price per 3.3㎡ is 183.5 million, and the total debt amount is 19 billion won (Rp. 223 billion)

The building has a ground area of ​​732㎡ and a total floor area of ​​2,494.76㎡, with 6 floors from basement 2 to ground 6. It was just built in September 2021, and the entire building is currently rented by an international school with a deposit of 1 billion won and monthly rent of 85 million won.

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