Lee Jung Jae Is Called To Be The Person Who Promoted TOP To Join Squid Game 2

South Korea – Netflix previously announced the addition of a new cast starring in Squid Game 2. BIGBANG’s TOP is included in the cast list.

Recently, Dispatch released that Lee Jung Jae was the person who allegedly promoted TOP BIGBANG to become a cast in Squid Game season 2. See below in full.

Lee Jung Jae Is Called the Person Who Promoted TOP to Become a Squid Game 2 Cast

Cast Squid Game 2

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch on June 29, 2023, Lee Jung Jae was accused of being the person involved in recruiting TOP to become the new Squid Game cast.

The outlet shared that when Lee Jung Jae and Im Se Ryung were dating in 2014, the location of their date was at TOP’s apartment. He and the idol apparently share the same hobbies such as art.

Dispatch also revealed the fact that the two of them often visited art festivals in Hong Kong together and enjoyed wine at the Im Se Ryung restaurant. Lee Jung Jae had previously tried to promote TOP in his acting projects in the past, but failed.

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