Lee Soo Jung’s Bio and IG Account, Opposing Jaehyun NCT on ‘You Will Die After Six Hours’


South Korea – Meet Lee Soo Jung, the beautiful actress who played opposite Jaehyun NCT in the movie You Will Die After Six Hours.

Lee Soo Jung became the next star to be announced as the cast of the film You Will Die After Six Hours, after confirming the presence of Jaehyun NCT, Park Ju Hyun, and Kwak Si Yang.

So, who exactly is Lee Soo Jung and the role he took in the film You Will Die After Six Hours? Let’s take a peek together!

Lee Soo Jung’s bio


Photo : _cotdream/instagram

Lee Soo Jung is a rookie actress under the management of the Korean WNY agency who was born in 1998 and is now 25 years old.

In 2014, Lee Soo Jung had a supporting role in the film Elegant Lies, which also starred Kim Hee Ae and Kim Yoo Jung.

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