Link to Watch Korean Film On Your Wedding Day, Indo Sub, When First Love Gets Married

South Korea – Check out the synopsis and links to watch the Korean film On Your Wedding Day, complete with Indonesian subtitles.

Played by Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang as the main characters, the film On Your Wedding Day will make the audience feel the emotions displayed by the characters.

The film On Your Wedding Day is also one of the most popular shows about first love stories. Let’s scroll in full.

Movie Storyline On Your Wedding Day


Photo: HanCinema

The film On Your Wedding Day begins with the story of Seung Hee (Park Bo Young), a transfer student who managed to attract the attention of Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) in high school.

Woo Yeon is described as a student figure who likes to fight. He had no interest in studying, and had no life plans.

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