Link Watch Korean Film Dark Figure of Crime, Solve the Murder of a Sadistic Psychopath

South Korea – The film Dark Figure of Crime is played by Kim Yun Seok and Ju Ji Hoon, which is set in the story of someone’s tense confession.

Having a storyline full of plot twists, here’s PeekSeleb, which summarizes the link to watch the film Dark Figure of Crime complete with Indonesian subtitles, let’s scroll on!

Plot Story Movie Dark Figure of Crime

Dark Figures of Crime

The film Dark Figure of Crime is set in the story of Hyun Min (Kim Yun Seok), a detective in Busan who is dedicated to solving his cases.

At a small restaurant in a traditional market, Hyun Min meets Tae O (Ju Ji Hoon) through an informant.

Tae O said that he received money to bury someone’s corpse. Just as he is about to reveal the location of the body, the police come to the restaurant and arrest Tae-O for the murder of his girlfriend.

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