Lots of Off-script Moments


Jakarta – Indra Herlambang has recently been frequently appointed as the MC of fanmeet events for South Korean artists who visit Indonesia.

Being the MC at Lee Jong Suk’s fanmeet event in Jakarta, Indra Herlambang revealed some of the exciting moments that happened. What is Indra’s impression of Lee Jong Suk? Let’s take a peek at the answer below.

Indra Herlambang’s Moment Meets Lee Jong Suk

Through his personal Instagram, Indra Herlambang shared a series of exciting moments when he was the MC at Lee Jong Suk’s fanmeet event in Jakarta.

Indra admitted that IU’s lover was a person who had great initiative. Of course, this surprised him because many things happened outside of the script.

One of them was when Lee Jong Suk contacted his mother to find out what his mother wanted when she was pregnant with him.

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