Lyrics of Let’s Stay Well – Roy Kim from Summer Day US Film OST with Indonesian Translation


South Korea – South Korean solo singer Roy Kim has released Let’s Stay Well which is the OST of the movie Summer Day Us through online music sites before 6 PM KST.

Let’s Stay Well is the representative song of the band Dark, released in 2014, and dirycle in a more heartfelt way with Roy Kim’s tone. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of Roy Kim’s song Let’s Stay Well from the film Summer Day US.

Let’s Stay Well Lyrics – Roy Kim from Summer Day US Movie OST

ma-eum-eul da boyeojwossdeon neowaneun daleuge
jinan salang-e geob-eul jantteug meog-eun
naneun dwisgeol-eumjilman chyeossda

neoneun dagaolyeo haessjiman
bunmyeong eonjenga tteonagal geos-ila
saeng-gaghae domangchigiman haessda

gat-i guleum geolteoanj-eun namu balabomyeo
jandibat-e nuwo han jjog gwiloman deuddeon
dalkomhan nolaedeul-i sseudisseun apeum-i doeeo
tie dol-aol geosman gat-a

bunmyeong eonjenga tie seuchil nal issgessjiman
moleun cheog jinagagessji
choeseon-eul neon branch

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