Lyrics of Song What Do I Call You

South Korea – Here are the lyrics of the song What Do I Call You by SNSD’s Taeyeon. What Do I Call You is one of the title tracks in Taeyeon’s EP entitled What Do I Call You.

What Do I Call You was written by David Pramik, Yeon Jung Kim, Caroline Pennell, and Linnea Sodahl. Here are the lyrics and translation!

Romanization Hangul Lyrics What Do I Call You – Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Hello neon strangers
Nameun geon byeollo eopseo
Memories, memories, memories
Annyeongira haenneunde
Wae neon nae yeope isseo
Geudaero geudaero geudaero

Eosaegaetteon gonggie
Useumi nasseo wae
Neomu takkaweotteon
Nae geoshieotteon
My honey
My daisy

What do I call you
Byeoril eopdeon cheok
Mareul geona
Geureoke kkok kkyeoananneunde
So what do I call you now

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