Lyrics of the song Love You Like Crazy

South Korea – Here are the lyrics to the song Love You Like Crazy by SNSD’s Taeyeon. Love You Like Crazy is one of the title tracks on Taeyeon’s album titled Purpose.

Love You Like Crazy was written by Greg Paul Stephen Bonnick, Composer Author Unknown, and Hayden Chapman. Here are the lyrics and translation!

Hangul Romanization Lyrics of the Song Love You Like Crazy – SNSD’s Taeyeon

Come take my hand gamjeonge hwipssain chae
Saenggaae neol Till’ the end of time
Irido swipge ppajyeodeulge doel juriya
Hollin deuthae imi Out of control

Sarangiran ge cham useuwo najocha byeonhage hae
Dwieongkin heorikein sogui neol gatgo sipeo

Jageun yunibeoseu
Love you like crazy
Michin deuthae
Nega pillyohae
Baby I don’t care
Just wanna love you, you

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