Lyrics of the Song Walking Again – Chan from the OST Drama Heartbeat with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Singer-songwriter Chan participated as the fourth singer to be selected for the drama Heartbeat’s OST. The song sung by Chan titled Walking again.

Walking Again is a standout song with lyrics that comfort the loneliness of life and a lyrical melody. Chan’s emotional voice was added to provide deep emotion and comfort to those who are going through a difficult time. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics to Chan’s song Walking Again from the drama Heartbeat. Take a peek, Come on!

Lyrics of Song Walking Again – Chan from OST Drama Heartbeat

balam-e milleoonda
gil-eossdeon naldeul-eul jina
nae sumgyeodun ma-eumdeul-eul
deulkiji anhge geodneunda

gip-eun sum-eul naeswigo
i gil-ui kkeut-eul bala bwa
naleul deop-eobeolin hansum-e
butjabhin nanaldeul biugo geodneunda tie

geochin pado wie seoissneun geolkka
nuga naui son-eul jab-a jundamyeon
and halulado gwaenchanh-a
goyohage an-ajwo oh

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