Mahalini Concert Tickets ‘Fabula2.0’ Sold Out in 7 Minutes

Jakarta – Good news today (July 14 2023) for Mahalini and all the Fabula2.0 team, the concert tickets that were just sold today for the presale program sold out in just about 7 minutes.

So how will it go? Let’s take a peek at the full review below.

Tickets Sold Out in 7 Minutes


Photo: Special

Even the server for one of the Ticket Management Systems ( experienced a downturn due to the large number of visitors hunting for Fabula2.0 presale tickets.

“This is a surprise for us, because in this presale we have not set a time limit, but it turns out the tickets have sold out in a very short time, this is thanks to the very high enthusiasm of Mahalini fans,” said Ganjar Tri Bowo COO Showbeastlive (promoter of Fabula2). .0) quoted by Intipseleb from the press release on Friday, July 14, 2023.

“We are also considering opening phase 2 presale due to so many requests from Mahalini fans who have not managed to buy tickets in today’s presale”, he added.

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