Making ARMY Crazy, Jungkook BTS Shows off ABS in SEVEN’s Photo Album Concept

South Korea Jungkook BTS is known to be releasing his debut solo album titled Seven on July 14. Now, the concept photo and trailer for SEVEN’s album shows Jungkook BTS showing off his ABS abs.

Curious as to what the concept of the photo? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Jungkook BTS shows off ABS

BTS’ Jungkook is again making netizens excited right after he released a series of teaser photos and a stirring short film to promote his upcoming solo single, ‘SEVEN’.

One of the released photos shows a moody black and white shot where she is covering her eyes with her hands while wearing a black sports coat (with her singles title and her name in white below) and another with a pair of disembodied boots and jeans leaning on a chair along with a shirt white ‘Days a Week’ was draped across the front.

Elsewhere, Jungkook rocked a pair of acid-washed wide-leg jeans, boots, and a jacket kicking a leg, pulling on a tight white t-shirt, head bowed, eyes closed while wearing a handful of necklaces and a gray tracksuit coat and some variety. again with the same theme.

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