Mark Comments on Renjun NCT Dream’s Weight, Fans Immediately Give Spicy Criticism

South Korea – NCT Dream is currently promoting for their comeback album. During promotions, NCT Dream provided fans with a lot of content, one of which was holding a special chat event where all fans could enter.

Unfortunately, during the chat, something made the fans uncomfortable. It was about Mark’s words asking Renjun to take care of his weight. Here’s more!

Mark asked Renjun to eat a lot to gain weight

Source: Twitter/ NCT Dream Group Bubble Message

Mark has received mixed reactions from fans after commenting on Renjun’s weight and eating habits. This was discovered when one of the fans shared a screenshot of the group chat results on the Lysn platform, Bubble. The chat took place on July 20.

Based on the shared chat, Mark asked Renjun to gain weight and directly commented on his body being too thin.

“You need to gain weight, Renjun,” said Mark in a Bubble message.

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