MC Mong Accused Again of Wanting to Recruit Kai and Baekhyun EXO, Personal Record Was Disclosed

South Korea – Controversy MC Mong, a musician and producer formerly of Big Planet Made’s internal management, is again reported to want to recruit EXO members. This time, not only Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin, but Kai.

The report has been published by TenAsia media. MC Mong immediately gave it alone. Here’s more!

MC Mong was accused of having the intention to recruit Kai and Baekhyun EXO

Various sources

Photos: Various sources

On July 18 South Korean time, the Korean media was excited about reports regarding MC Mong. In fact, there are alleged recordings of his private conversations with public acquaintances.

Shortly after, TenAsia exclusively reported that they had recordings of MC Mong’s conversations with some of his acquaintances. TenAsia directly said that this time MC Mong is again recruiting EXO members to his label to make Big Planet Made successful.

According to TenAsia’s claims, MC Mong allegedly wants to recruit EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai.

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