My You – Jungkook BTS Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – My You is a tracklist in Jungkook BTS’ solo debut EP entitled SEVEN. My You was exhibited at the BTS Festa 2022 celebration.

The lyrics for My You were written by Jungkook and Hiss Noise. Here are the lyrics and translation.

Lyrics of Romanization Hangul Song My You – Jungkook BTS

(Verse 1)
Summer has already spread in the air
Breeze is already blowing
The last cold snap is going out
The days were getting longer and longer
But my days were still going on, and on, and on
I got wet in the sun shower and looked up at the night sky

(Verse 2)
It was quite a lonely night
In the blink of an eye
The dark faded out
Blooming under the sunlight
Memories with me and you

All these lights are colored by you
All these times are precious due to you
Four seasons have passed with you
Four scents wеre left ’cause of you
All the reasons why I can laugh out
All the reasons why I sing this song
Thankful to be by your side now
I’ll try to shine brighter than now

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