Navya Retail Indonesia Presents The First Sun and Sand Sports Boutique Present in Indonesia

PeekSeleb – Navya Retail Indonesia officially presents the first Sun & Sand Sports boutique in Indonesia.

There are many exciting activities that can be done in it. Come on, take a peek at the complete information.

Presents the First Sun & Sand Sports Boutique in Indonesia

Sun & Sand Sports

Navya Retail Indonesia is a retail company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which focuses on two segments: Sports & Active Lifestyle. Navya Retail Indonesia, has a vision and mission to provide quality products and services that can provide aspirations for its consumers.

After growing rapidly by opening more than 46 boutiques across Indonesia, Navya Retail Indonesia is excited to announce the presence of a Sun & Sand Sports (SSS) boutique located at Pondok Indah Mall 3, Jakarta!

Founded in 1979 in Dubai, UAE, Sun & Sand Sports is known for championing a strong Sports & Active Lifestyle brand across the Middle East with a solid portfolio of the world’s most recognized and loved sports and lifestyle brands. Today, SSS is a sports haven for customers in the Middle East and offers a seamless and superior shopping experience for its customers, all with the aim of showing how sports is the perfect way to channel happiness.

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