NewJeans Accused of Plagiarizing the Concept of Infinite Challenge, Knetz: The World Can’t Spin Without Them

South Korea – NewJeans again accused of plagiarism. This time, NewJeans is also called plagiarizing content ideas from funny shows. It even made netizens excited in the online community.

Shaking my head, here’s complete information about NewJeans plagiarism. Come on, check it out in full below!

About accusations of NewJeans Plagiarism

Source: HYBE Labels

On June 26, NewJeans released a teaser video for their single ASAP. In the trailer, the members appear to be in another world while wearing blonde hair adorned with flower tiaras.

Then on June 28, an online post titled “NewJeans Teaser Plagiarism Controversy” went viral.

In this post, the author uploaded several photos of Park Myung Soo from the legendary variety show, Infinite Challenge. In the photo, Park Myung Soo also appears with blonde hair and a flower tiara.

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