NMIXX Album Sales ‘A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream’ Reaches 900,000 Copies, Knetz Suspects Data Manipulation

South Korea – On July 11, NMIXX made a comeback with the single album A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream featuring title track Party O’Clock. Then on July 13, Korean netizens were excited by the number of NMIXX album sales reaching 900,000 copies but views on streaming platforms were less than that number.

That is, Korean netizens are suspicious of NMIXX’s album sales. Here’s more!

NMIXX’s digital data views for single A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream

Source: Online Community

On July 13, a post published on the online community Pann titled “The Surprising Reason for NMIXX Album Sales” got a lot of attention. The author of the post suspects the high sales of physical albums that NMIXX achieved in this comeback.

“NMIXX album sales after 2 days: 790,000 copies (currently 900,000 copies) As you can see, selling 900,000 copies is a great achievement, ranking higher than No.9 in the highest first week album sales for a female artist of all time,” wrote a netizen suspicious of NMIXX’s sales data in the online community via Pann.

Songs from albums with sales of over 700,000 copies have achieved high rankings on Melon (or achieved major success on international music charts). However, NMIXX’s domestic digital performance cannot be considered outstanding.

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