No longer an idol, CAP, former Teen Top, admits that he is happier working odd jobs

South Korea – After CAP Teen Top left his group and decided he was no longer an idol, he worked odd jobs. In a vlog, he uploads working as a grass clipper.

CAP, former Teen Top, admitted that he was happier working odd jobs than being an idol. See below in full.

Admitted Not Fit To Be Idol

Source: Naver

In a video on the YouTube channel ‘All About Job’, a video of CAP mowing the grass was uploaded. In the video, he said that Joika himself was not suitable to work as an idol.

CAP admitted that being an idol made him stressed to the point of having trouble sleeping. As a result, he had to take sleeping pills.

“Working as an idol, I was stressed at several phases. I slept every two or three days. I couldn’t sleep even though I had drunk a lot of alcohol, so I started taking sleeping pills,” said CAP as quoted from Naver on July 7, 2023.

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