No longer living in the dormitory with (G) I-DLE members, Soyeon admits that she often feels lonely

South Korea – On June 27, YouTube channel TEO uploaded a new video from web program Salon Drip featuring (G)I-DLE members Miyeo, Soyeon, and Yuqi. The three (G) I-DLE members appeared as guest stars.

During the event, the compact members told about their new song entitled Queencard, netizens’ criticism when performing solo to life’s problems. Here’s the article.

About the Queencard song

Source: YouTube TEO

The songs created by (G) I-DLE always have a tone of criticism and their own stories. Not long ago, they also released a song titled Queencard. The song was composed by Soyeon.

“I make songs thinking ‘Wouldn’t a hook song go viral more easily?’ he said when asked about the addictive melody of Queencard’s songs.

Regarding the members’ conversations during the Queencard introduction, Miyeon said, “We talked a lot to each other during our practice.”

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