No Money, Suga and J-Hope BTS Stories Once Expelled by BigHit Entertainment

South Korea – Suga and J-Hope BTS talked about their hard times. Even J-Hope discussed that they once told a story of being kicked out of the dorm because they didn’t have much money.

So, how did Suga and J-Hope BTS tell about the past? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

In this latest episode, Suga and J-Hope share many of their stories and experiences during their careers as BTS members or as solo artists.

J-Hope also talked about the difficulties during the process of working on his first solo album. The most interesting thing for fans was when they both talked about their hard times while still being trainees at BigHit Entertainment.

Suga said that BigHit Entertainment had kicked them out of the dorm, because they couldn’t afford to pay their rent.

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