Note! These are free products that can be obtained at the 2023 Jakarta Fair


PeekSeleb – The Jakarta Fair 2023 exhibition will still be held until July 16 2023 in the JIEXPO Kemayoran area, Central Jakarta. There is still a chance for those of you who haven’t visited the largest exhibition in Southeast Asia.

Try to shop around and don’t forget to exchange the coupons you get when buying tickets. By exchanging these coupon pieces, you can get various products for free and for free. from food, drinks to skincare.

Come on, take a peek at five free products that you can easily get only at the 2023 Jakarta Fair

1. Kanzler Gochujang Sausage

This food, which is very popular with Jakarta Fair visitors, is one of the products that can be obtained free of charge. Kanzler Gochujang Sausage is a sausage with the addition of Korean special spices which are synonymous with a slightly spicy taste. Only by exchanging the Jakarta Fair entrance ticket at the Kanzler booth located in the Open Space area, you can get this product for free.

2. Coffee Tubruk Gadjah

Kopi Gadjah can be your choice when you are touring the Jakarta Fair area. Visitors can get a cup of coffee with sugar which can be obtained at the Tubruk Gadjah Coffee booth. Of course, this coffee can be obtained free of charge by visiting the Tubruk Gadjah Coffee booth which is located in the Jakarta Fair open space area.

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