Now living a normal life, former BIGBANG Seungri looks relaxed shopping at the mall and takes photos with fans

South Korea – After 1 year and six months behind bars for 8 charges, Seungri was released in February. After living a normal life, Seungri traveled to various countries in Asia, one of which was in Indonesia.

After Indonesia, it turned out that Seungri did not immediately return to his native country, South Korea. He was even caught shopping downtown. The following is a video capture from netizens who are in the same place as Seungri.

Seungri shopping downtown freely

Seungri is a former idol from the very popular group BIGBANG. Unfortunately, after the 8 charges, Seungri had to leave the group and serve his sentence in prison.

After being released, Seungri lived a normal life. She goes to clubs, travels abroad, and recently went shopping at a shopping mall. He even took a photo with a famous vlogger.

Still having fans, Seungri sweetly carried out fans’ requests to take pictures together on the street. Seungri even immediately invited his fans without being shy.

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